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30+ lessons and interactive coding exercises prepared by experienced automation engineers will teach you Ruby, Cucumber and Selenium and how to mix them together to automate Web applications.


Our 30 lectures and exercises were carefully planned and optimized for high performance learning. You will start learning Ruby, continue mastering Cucumber and finish acing Selenium.

1. Ruby

  1. Installation
  2. Variables, arrays and hashes
  3. Conditional operators
  4. Blocks and loops
  5. Regular expressions
  6. Objects and methods

2. Cucumber

  1. Introduction
  2. Gherkin
  3. Exercise: Create scenario
  4. Step definitions
  5. Exercise: Create step definition
  6. Code reusability
  7. Exercise: Call other steps
  8. Background
  9. Exercise: Refactor feature
  10. Scenario Outline
  11. Exercise: Create scenario outline
  12. Tables
  13. Exercise: Subtraction table

3. Selenium

  1. Introduction
  2. Controlling browser with Selenium
  3. Visiting website pages
  4. Exercise: Go to the sign in page
  5. HTML, CSS and XPATH
  6. Locating HTML elements
  7. Verifying outcome
  8. Exercise: Defuse the bomb
  9. Filling in forms
  10. Exercise: Create an account
  11. Exercise: Test negative case
  12. Waiting for elements to appear
  13. Exercise: Wait for element

What's included?

We want you to be successful in your career. You will get access to all course materials including programming exercises. And there's more...

30+ lectures and coding exercises

Our primary goal is to teach you how to create automated tests for Web applications. We've carefully prepared 30+ lectures and hands-on interactive assignments. And we're constantly improving them.

14 days money back

Not satisfied with the course? We will return your money within 14 days since you've started.

Certificate of completion

Something to brag about and maybe put on the wall. Upon successful course completion, we will give you a certificate with your name.

Fast learning

We value your time, that's why Web Automation course is optimized for fast learning. An extensive set of programming exercises helps to reinforce the material and to get initial hands-on experience.


We understand that sometimes there's just too many details and it's really hard to keep them all in memory. That's why we've prepared ultimate cheatsheet with Cucumber and Selenium commands.

Support forums

If you're stuck for any reason, you don't need to feel lonely. There are support forums where other users can communicate with each other to help solve problems.

Happy Clients Say

We are really proud to hear extremely positive feedback from our customers.

“I was really impressed by the quality of this course. It's easy to understand all lessons because there are lots of code examples. Interactive exercises are very helpful to reinforce the material.”

Alex Smirnov Senior QA Automation Engineer

“I've tried lots of other courses previously, but only this one gives you the real knowledge to be demanded on the job market. It's not only the theory, everything in this course is really hands-on. You can download code examples and almost after every lecture they ask you to complete coding assignment right in the browser.”

Efim Shavratov Senior QA Automation Engineer

“This course is a gem. I used to be manual QA analyst and this course significantly helped me to advance my career. Even if you're not a technical person (like I was), it's very easy to understand course materials. After completing this course, I was able to create real scenarios to automate Web applications.”

Debbie Wells QA Automation Engineer


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